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Segment Design Tool

Segment Design Tool, Version 6.0.5 is Available!

  • The main objective of this release is to resolve issues related to low voltage, device orientation and segment opening issue due to 8800 device. For more details, please refer to the read me file for the SDT main application.

SDT Component Library, Version 6.0.1 is Available!

  • Support for 2 devices for which segments were not opening. For more details please refer to the read me file for the library changes.


For more detailed information on the enhancements included in this release, please call-up the readme.rtf file.  The Segment Design Migration utility can be invoked from the Program Menu :
(Start->Emerson Process Management->Segment Design Migration Utility)

If you are already a registered SDT User, please uninstall any previous version of the tool before installing Version 6.0.5. You will not be asked to re-register if you have already entered your User Key.

New User's selecting the download will cause the license agreement to appear. Agreeing with the terms of the license agreement will enable the download to proceed. You will be asked to register which will provide you with a registration key. This registration will enable you to save your segment designs. Remember this tool is free so register now so you can immediately start utilizing the power of this tool.

Please note - the Segment Design Tool is not supported if installed on a server.

What is the Segment Design Tool?
The Segment Design Tool is a Windows 10 compatible program designed to provide a general guide for reducing the time required to engineer a FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 segment of DeltaV systems, Ovation systems and 3420 Fieldbus Interface Modules. The Segment Design Tool checks the segment layout utilizing the FOUNDATION Fieldbus rules governing cable lengths, power consumption and proper segment termination. This tool now supports a variety of Intrinsically Safe concepts, including Entity, FISCO FNICO and High Power Trunk (HPT). Given that the tool results are based on ideal components, power and layout specification, the tool results only provide a general indication as to the expected performance of the segment; therefore; the PlantWeb Architecture components specifications and installation instructions will always take precedence. Your utilization of the Segment Design Tool will be conditioned upon your acceptance of the Segment Design Tool Software License Agreement

Note: Registration can be accomplished on-line without e-mail submittal.

1.      Download the Segment Design Tool, Version 6.0.5, by clicking on the Download icon to the right.

2.      Install the software and then run it by clicking on the SDTMainInstaller.msi file.

3.      After installing SDT Main setup, it is mandatory to install segment design Tool Component Library by double clicking on the SDTComponentLibrary6.0.1.msi file.

4.      Start the tool and click on the Register button (which will appear on the Segment Design Tool's information window) to receive your "User Key "

5.      Reconnect to this web page and click on the "REGISTER " icon (to the right on this page).

6.      Complete the online registration form and enter your "User Key" to receive your "Registration Key," which will enable full functionality of the Segment Design Tool.



Download SDTInstaller6.0.5.msiDownload SDTInstaller6.0.5.msi
Download SDTComponentLibrary6.0.1.msiDownload SDTComponentLibrary6.0.1.msi
Download SDTInstaller6.0.5_Installation_ManualDownload SDTInstaller6.0.5_Installation_Manual
Download SDT_Library_6.0.1_Installation_ManualDownload SDT_Library_6.0.1_Installation_Manual


System Requirements
1. Windows 10
2. Internet Explorer 11 or above
3. .NET Framework 4.6.1 or above Windows 10


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